At long last, it’s raining here in Austin!  I don’t think we’ve had a significant rainfall since January or earlier.

In celebration of the occasion, I whipped up a batch of whole wheat bagels and whole wheat blueberry muffins with a sprinkle of cinnamon topping.  Finished just in time, because there has been a power outage.

Now, I’m sitting here looking out my back window, sipping green tea, listening to Gieseking’s Beethoven piano sonatas, water softly dripping from the eaves, birds singing, mourning doves calling, thunder rolling overhead and dear ole Luce cowering at my feet.

Some of my earliest memories are of the sounds and smells of storms rolling in over the bluegrass hills of Kentucky.  Learning to count the seconds between thunder claps to tell how far off a storm was.  Maybe an old folks’ tale, but I believed it.

I surely do miss those old folks.


About TXmyTX

Born in the Bluegrass State, raised in the Buckeye State, and have lived in the Lone Star State for the last 30 years.
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