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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Don’t see much of Joe Camel anymore, since he was kicked out of most every bar and coffee house in Austin several years ago. These days he can usually be found hanging out with the girls at the Cat Cafe … Continue reading

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Pretty Poppy

First poppy of the season. Looks like a pretty cupcake paper.  

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Cookin’ with Julia

These pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the Julia Child rose bush this year. I’m using a new camera and am having a difficult time with focus and depth, even on the auto setting.

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Experimenting with topiary

Pig in a trough. Bought the pig on clearance a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. The trough was upcycled almost 17 years ago from a trash bin somewhere around the UT campus, a relic of the 2000 Red River … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Almanac says it’s a good day to plant.

Set out Early Girl and Sweet 100 tomatoes; jalapeno, cubanelle, pimiento, serrano, and carmen red bell peppers; watermelon and muskmelon seeds; Macaslan and rattlesnake pole beans with the corn; and a row of edamames (soybeans) amongst the strawberries, which are … Continue reading

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