Pretty Poppy

First poppy of the season. Looks like a pretty cupcake paper.



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RIP – A Double Whammy

Chuck Berry

James Cotton



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Rainy Day at the Cat Cafe and Lounge

Mama, Buffy and Fraidy on the chair and Spot in the pot! Easy livin’ for supposedly feral cats. This is year five, and the first year they have hung out on the deck during a rain. Used to be that they all disappeared to some hidey hole until the rains passed. But there has been so much construction in the area lately, perhaps their old hiding place is gone.


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Cookin’ with Julia

These pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the Julia Child rose bush this year. I’m using a new camera and am having a difficult time with focus and depth, even on the auto setting.

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Perry Mason couldn’t have done it better.

Lawyer’s pants catch fire during closing argument.

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This is #Sad

I prefer the OED anyway.  Great article. Be sure to read the whole thing.

Merriam-Webster Trolling Trump

If Merriam-Webster’s editors aren’t careful, though, they will undermine the very thing that makes their dictionary useful. An accusation of bias is (or should be) a death sentence for a dictionary. All the clever jokes in the world won’t save Merriam-Webster from a widespread perception of political partisanship—and promptly cost them half of their readers.

First, they’ll lose the trust of Trump supporters, then the respect of everyone on the Right, and finally all the folks on the Left, even those who despise Trump the most.

That’s because conservatives and liberals alike will reject as too Orwellian a dictionary perceived as politically charged. It will simply be too hard to convince people that cultural or political bias hasn’t seeped into and soiled the dictionary’s definitions. When it comes to lexicography, credibility depends on impartiality.

Regardless of their political opinions, Americans still expect the dictionary to be objective and neutral, even more than they expect that from the media. So at a time when trust and confidence in America’s mainstream media is practically nonexistent, why would Merriam-Webster even flirt with the appearance of partisanship?

If even the dictionary loses its objectivity, it means politics in America has become entirely inescapable. That’s not just dangerous, it’s sad. It’s unhealthy. It’s not good for a society to be so permeated with politics that there is nowhere to hide.

Of course, Merriam-Webster has every right to do what it wants to do. They can turn themselves into a source of political news, comedy, and commentary if they wish. But America already has enough of that. What America really needs, now more than ever, is something solid that everyone trusts and everyone respects. The dictionary used to have that kind of quiet power. Not anymore.

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30 Years Ago in Texas

Baby Jessica was saved from the well.

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